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Residential Junk Removal in Gresham

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Residential Junk Removal

Allow our junk removal team to handle the heavy lifting. We will quickly remove whatever you require. We will remove your unwanted furniture, appliances, old piano, household items, clothing, handle your tenant, home, estate, and storage unit cleanouts, yard waste and construction debris removal, and more, all while keeping as much as possible out of Gresham landfills via our network of local charities and recycling depots.


What We Take​

If it’s not on this list, give us a call, we can help you clarify that.

  • Appliance Removal
  • Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal
  • Fixtures Recycling & Disposal
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Home & Estate Clearouts
  • Garbage Removal
  • Furniture Removal
  • Office Equipment Recycling & Disposal
  • Piano Removal
  • Office Cleanouts
  • Storage Unit Cleanouts
  • Electronics Recycling & Disposal
  • Yard Waste Disposal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Household Waste Removal
  • Shed Teardowns
  • Mattress Disposal

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Landfill Stress

Landfill stress is a serious issue our Oregon, municipalities, and country faces. Our existing landfills are overflowing but citizens and community residents do not want a landfill site in their backyards. With our communities growing, there is little land available to create or expand our landfills to accommodate the increase in waste. The public has become hyper-aware of the impact of their waste and demand better, more sustainable solutions.

To address this issue, shipping our junk abroad is not a socially or environmentally responsible solution so governments and organizations across United States are striving to become a zero waste country. Recycling initiatives and composting programs are being incorporated into our waste management systems and the list of materials being recycled is ever-increasing. Many people are looking for ways to donate their unwanted stuff to those in need, repurpose items whenever possible, and recycle everything else.

Gresham Junk Removal And Demolition is passionate about socially responsible waste management. Our teams are dedicated to making sure your junk does not contribute to the landfill stress here in Oregon.


Recycling Junk

The best solution to landfill stress and sustainable waste management is to work on ways to recycle everything we can. From wood, metal, and paper, furniture, electronics, and plastics, virtually everything that isn’t perishable can be recycled today. These materials are then sold back to manufacturers who turn them into new products. There are depots all over Oregon that you can take your junk to be sorted and properly recycled including:

  • E-waste Handling Depots for electronics, computers, and TVs
  • Construction materials handling depots for wood, and building materials to be sorted for reuse or recycling
  • Steel and Scrap Metal Recycling Depots where steel and other metals are sorted for recycling and reuse; some will even pay you for it!
  • Bottle Depots that take in your glass and glass bottles, and pop cans for cash
  • Plastic and Paper recycling depots for everything else


Recycling has so many benefits. For starters, rather than use raw materials to make single-use items like paper towels and toilet paper, pizza boxes, and glass, recycling enables us to manufacture them from used materials instead of depleting our natural resources.

Many of the items we use are made of recycled materials, at least partially. This process creates jobs, reduces energy usage because manufacturers don’t need to start from scratch with raw materials, and cuts down on landfill strain.



Communities We Serve with Junk Removal in Gresham

Gresham Junk Removal And Demolition provides employment opportunities in every community we serve. The Integrity teams are members of your Oregon community dedicated to providing you with outstanding residential and commercial junk removal and demolition services in:


Fredericton’s Customer First Junk Removal Team!

We are Fredericton’s most reliable residential junk removal and demolition company. Our industrious local teams are highly trained, licensed, insured, and always happy to help you out. We work quickly and neatly. The only thing we leave behind is a clutter-less space. Guaranteed.

Ready to have us take care of your junk? Give us a call and chat with a member of the Gresham team about what services you need and book a day and time that works for us to start. We’ll even give you an estimate on the spot!



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