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Furniture Removal in Gresham

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Furniture Removal in Gresham

Locally owned and operated, Gresham Junk Removal is committed to providing exceptional furniture removal services at a fair price.
Our teams are observant, respectful, fully licensed, and insured. We take every care to ensure that you are completely content with every aspect of your furniture and junk removal experience.

Furniture Removal, Recycling, And Donation in Gresham

We make every effort to rehome and reuse as much of your unwanted furniture and junk as possible. Your old furniture is recycled when it cannot be given a second chance at life. You can be confident that your furniture removal will be handled responsibly when you entrust it to our junk removal professionals. The furniture we take away includes:

  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Cubicles
  • Desks
  • File Cabinets
  • Sofas
  • Armoires
  • Tool Units
  • Wall Units
  • Entertainment Units
  • Bed Frames
  • Futons
  • Sofa Beds
  • Work Benches
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hutches
  • Curios
  • Treadmills
  • Workout Equipment
  • And More

Why Hire Gresham Junk Removal?

It can be difficult to remove furniture from your home or office. Not only are they heavy, bulky, and difficult to move, but deciding what to do with them once you’ve moved them is nearly impossible. When you require assistance, you can rely on your local junk removal company.



Most cities and municipalities do not provide used furniture pickup, or if they do, it is only on a specific day once or twice a year. However, because you can’t leave your furniture on the curb until pick-up day, municipal disposal isn’t always an option when you need furniture removal.


Giving your furniture away is a wonderful way to give back to your community. While donating old or unwanted furniture to a thrift store is an option, it is not the only one.
Local non-profit organizations, shelters, and agencies can use furniture in their lobbies, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, break rooms, and other areas. Some organizations will pick up your old furniture for free, but the majority will either require you to drop it off yourself or charge a fee.


Recycling your old furniture in Gresham and the surrounding area is another environmentally friendly option for old furniture pickup and disposal. Again, you must have the time and resources to transport your unwanted furniture to the recycling center yourself, which not everyone has.

We will collect, donate, and recycle your furniture.

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? Gresham Junk Removal furniture removal team will gladly pick up your unwanted furniture. Our rates are reasonable, and our service is both convenient and exceptional.
We will donate what we can to your local Habitat for Humanity Restore or other non-profit organization to help our communities, and we will recycle the rest. Your furniture will not be disposed of in a landfill. We promise it.

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